Growers Encouraged to Participate in Ag Equipment Survey

A statewide coalition of agricultural groups is collecting confidential information from growers to ensure that the California Air Resources Board incorporates real data as it develops new air quality rules for farm equipment.

The survey asks questions related to make and model, engine horsepower, fuel use and hours of operation for individual pieces of farm equipment, including agricultural tractors, harvesters, self-propelled spray rigs, forklifts, and ATVs. 

Please complete the questionnaire by February 15, 2010.  All information will be compiled anonymously by the California State University, Fresno, Foundation and submitted cumulatively to the Air Board.  

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The “Agricultural Producers” form is intended for farmers, ranchers, nurserymen and others that grow crops or raise animals.  This form should also be completed if the agricultural producer also provides custom services to others.

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The “First Processor” form is intended to be completed by first processors only, which for almonds would be the huller & sheller.

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